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Meisa Kuroki


Meisa Kuroki was scouted in Okinawa. She made her acting debut with the leading role in “Atami satsujin jiken ~Pyonyang kara kita onna keiji”in 2004. Since her debut, she has been featured in numerous TV dramas, movies and stage plays with her exotic beauty and acting skills cultivated in live performances. Her most popular performances are “Kaze no Garden”, “Ninkyo Helper” “Jiu”(TV dramas), “Azumi”, “Hiryuden” (stage performances)“Subaru”“Crowz ZERO”and “SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO"(movies), etc. She was also on the cover of 25ans and other fashion magazines as a top fashion icon, popular with fans regardless of age or gender. She started her career as a singer, with a sexy and powerful voice, as well as exceptional dancing talent. Her 3rd hit single “LOL!” has been downloaded over 600,00 0times. She has been featured in commercial campaigns for UNIQLO, SEIKO, L’OREAL PARIS, and Kanebo, among other leading brands. In 2014, she plays the heroine in the movie, LUPIN THE THIRD, as well as performing the heroine in the stage play VAMP~The Lola Montez Story. Meisa continues to break new ground as the top young leading actress.

Tae Hee Kim


Taehee Kim was scouted when she was a student at Seoul National University, and made her acting debut in 2001. She was well known in Japan through her TV dramas“Stairway to Heaven” and “IRIS” as she started her career in Japan. She experienced home stay in Japan when she was a student, and has visited Japan numerous times. She loves Japanese novels and movies. She speaks English fluently and has picked up Japanese very quickly. She starred as the heroine of a TV series broadcast in October-December of 2011, and was featured as the cover girl for the magazine 25ans for one year. Although she looks elegant, she was the captain of ski club when she was in university. She showed impressive action moves in the movie ”Chu-ten”and in TV drama“IRIS”. The viewer ratings for “My Princess”(aired on MBC from January 2011) in which she played the heroine surpassed 20%, and it became a national phenomenon in Korea. She was selected as“the most popular actress”and“the most beautiful woman” in Korea. In 2014, she will play the leading role in a Chinese drama, and is looking forward to new challenges in the future.



Jiyoung is a former member of the popular Korean singing group, KARA. She speaks native Korean and is also fluent (native level) in Japanese.
After leaving the singing group, she studied in England. In the summer of 2014, she began focusing on her acting career in Japan. Soon after her debut, she landed the role of a heroine on a television series Hell Teacher Nube for Nippon TV. In November 2014, her coffee table photo book was published. In it, she tells a story of a tomboy transforming into a stunning woman through her photos.
In March of 2015, her first film, Assassination Classroom was released, in which she stars as a very popular character, Ilina Yelavich. The film opened number one in the Japanese box office and would continue on to become a hit.
In April, Jiyoung would add being a radio personality to her resume by becoming a host of her own radio show.
This July, she will star in a television series Tamio, based on a bestselling book written by Jun Ikeido, which have sold over 330,000 copies to date, as a heroine who holds the key to the plot of the story.