Date of birth Jan 18 , 1994
Place of Birth Korea
Height: 5'5''
Hobbies & Interests Taking pictures, Music, Movie, Aroma candles
Special Skills Dance, Guitar, Piano, Languages(Japanese, English, Korean)
Favorite sports Boxing, Horseback Riding
Favorite foods Curry, Vegetable, Grape, Strawberry, Blueberry, Shrimp
Official Site https://jiyoung.jp/

Leading actress in “Osaka kanjyosen part2” (KTV, Jan 2017)
“Tokumei shikikan Goma Ayaka” (CX, Oct 2016)
Cameo appearance in “Sukinahitoga irukoto” (CX, Sep 2016)
"Tamiou spinoff "(EX, Apr 15,2016)
"Amaryllis – Police Investigative Division Seven" Staring as Kaoruko Nagami (NTV,January 2016)
Leading Actress in "Tamiou"(EX, July 2015)
Leading Actress in“Jigoku Sensei Nube”as Yukime (NTV, Oct 2014)
"Higanbana" (NTV,Oct,2014)

Leading Role in "Life is..." NestleTheater on Youtube(Jun, 2016)
Leading Role in "Kataomoi spiral"(Jul 2nd,2016)
"Ansatsu Kyoushitsu sotsugyouhen" as Irina Jelavic(Mar.25th,2016)
"Under a Different Sky. Your Sky, My Sky." Lead Role NestleTheater on Youtube (October, 2015)
"Meitantei Conan: Goka No Himawari" Supporting role / Museum Cast - Voice (Apr.18th,2015)
"Ansatsu Kyoushitsu" as Irina Jelavic(Mar.21st,2015)

Stage Performance
Leading Role in "Sweet Charity"(Sep 23th-Oct 2nd,2016)

TOKYO FM "Jiyoung season" Radio Personality (Apr.7th,2015)
Nippon Broadcasting System,“Jiyoung's ALL Night Nippon”Radio Personality(Sep.12th,2014)

Nestle Kit Kat Chocolatory (Nov,2015-)
Nestle Kit Kat spokesperson in Asia

"THE FIRST STAGE"(Sep.23,2016)
2nd Photo Book“美Gently”-Photographer:Leslie Kee(Jun 24th,2016)
Style Book "GROW UP!"(Aug.27th,2015)
1st photobook "Jiyoung Story"(Nov.13th,2014)

1st Album "Many Faces" Sony Music Entertainment Japan(May.10th,2017)
4th Single “Koiwo shiteitakoto” Sony Music Entertainment Japan (Dec 7, 2016)
3rd Single “FAKE/boogie woogie” Sony Music Entertainment Japan (Dec 7, 2016)
2nd Single "Sukinahitoga irukoto" Sony Music Entertainment Japan(Aug 31,2016)
Debut single "Saigono Sayonara" Sony Music Entertainment Japan(Mar 16th, 2016)
First EP "RADIO"-Digital Download Release(Mar 16th, 2016)

Selected as the face of non-no, she will be regularly featured in the magazine from December 2014.